Selecting Powerful Research Paper Topics in Agricultural Economics

A burning desire to develop a top notch research paper is something to be impressed by every student. Occasionally, your lecturer may give you a topic. However, in most cases, students are required to choose their own topics. When you want to select the best research paper topics in agricultural economics, you have to major on the following things:

  • Brainstorm
    To brainstorm is simply putting your thoughts and ideas together. In the case of writing a research paper in agricultural economics, you have to make sure you find information regarding the field you want to develop your paper in and then list all the important facts. You require a clean sheet of paper and a pen for this process. Once you have the information, subsequent steps will be very easy.
  • Read various resources to get a general review
    It is important to obtain different reading materials from the library and read them. These may be books, journals or articles. Select these resources based on the few topics that you have on your list. Based on this general information, you can narrow down to only a single choice of topic.
  • Let it be manageable
    A good topic should be generally manageable. An extremely short or broad topic may be difficult to handle. For instance, you may have to give information in every aspect of a broad topic. On the other hand with a short topic, you may extremely limit yourself and leave out important information. In Agricultural economics, the best thing to do is simply to limit yourself to one particular aspect of your interest.
  • Create a list of major keywords
    Every topic must have a list of keywords. Therefore, depending on your topic, make a list of main keywords that you want to appear in it. In case they have been used somewhere else, you can look for their synonyms or even antonyms and research on something different. However, do not include controversial keywords as these may make your topic unreliable. You can simply use two or three of them.
  • Be a flexible writer
    Keeping fixed mind when writing a research paper on agricultural economics may cost you. In case you are required to modify your topic, you should be able to do so. At times, you may find something different in the course of writing. If it is worth including in your topic, then go ahead and change it. It may just be the focus point that may earn you top marks.


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